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Did you know that your salary is nearly as much on average as your white counterparts! Girl, you are really doing it! According to this week's report of earnings - we only make $100 less than white women. That ain't bad!!! Now of course, our brothers did not do as well this quarter as they make about $200 less than their counterparts.

The statistics are amazing if not dreadful! Its hard to believe that a white man makes damn near as much money on average as a Black couple. According to the report, White men earn about $800 per week. Black men earn about $600 and Black women earn just over $500 weekly. Now that adds up to $1100 a week, just $300 less than what a white male earns by himself. And if that white man is married to a white woman - well they're bringing home - on average 1400 *#*#* dollars per week! Somethings wrong with that picture!

Now think about it. How much do the white counterparts with whom you work make? If you're world is like mine - you probably bring home a nice chunk of change - but your counterpart is probably bringing home a nice bundle of dollars! And I bet she's either younger, less experienced, and less educated than you are!

Anyway - here's an excerpt from the article regarding the report. The link to the article is below as well as the link to the full governmental report.

Median earnings for black men working at full-time jobs were $599 per week, 74.9 percent of the median for white men ($800). The difference was less among women, as black women's median earnings ($539) were 85.3 percent of those for their white counterparts ($632). Overall, median earnings of Hispanics who worked full time ($507) were lower than those of blacks ($574), whites ($722) and Asians ($856).


And Asians make more money than everybody! Maybe we should have gone into the nail and hair business!

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