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miss scarlett, frankly i DO give a damn!  

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Had a chance to read the recent post entitled Hillary's Scarlett O'Hara Act? Hope so, because it puts this post into some sort of context.

Why is it that "they" can cry - get upset - even rock the boat and the ocean separates just to make "them" happy. But "you" oh lord! You better not because then your labeled as paranoid - too aggressive - not a team player. It never ceases to amaze me that irregardless of MY job description my duties remain that of "mammy". Clean up after. Nurture. Take care of. Train. Nurse. Dance. Scratch my head. And oh yes - DON'T MAKE WAVES!

Is it me? It just seems to me that "they" can cry - and as a result get a raise and promoted. Us?. . .well, if we do we might need to start looking for another place of employment.

My hurt and my feelings are no less important than my white counterparts - and I'm tired of them being minimized and marginalized. In this day and age you would think that the mammy-syndrome would be long gone. But I guess not. But unlike Rhett Butler - - Miss Scarlett, frankly I DO give a damn!


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