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Obama vs Clinton...who won?  

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Now the one thing that will no doubt make all the headlines is that The Queen had to acknowledge that Barark can beat (and will) beat McCain in November! Of course, we already knew that - but it certainly is a different take on her recently reported comments to Richardson saying he could not win. I never thought that she meant that he couldn't beat McCain - but rather, Barack has the audacity to beat her for the nomination - a nomination she believes is her right.

Anyway, I thought Barack did well tonight. Of course, just once I'd like to see him go completely "hood" on her...but, I know that wouldn't be cool...but... He did get her with a couple of very good zingers tonight! He got her by reminding her that her former minister,
Dean J. Snyder, issued a statement in support of Rev. Wright. The one, though, that made me scream "got cha!" was regarding Bill's pardon of two members of the Weather Underground when she tried to get in on his association with former WU member, Bill Ayers.

I don't think Barack scored enough points to beat the Queen next week in The Keystone State - but she certainly won't win it with double digits like she needs to do. And that's a good thing...

And oh yeah! Just who does Hillary think she's kidding? If by some remote chance she gets this nomination she will have NO choice to offer the VP to Barack. That position is his to turn down. So, I don't know why she skated on that question. Unless, of course she already offered it to Tavis or Bob Johnson.

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner('s Place) ain't got nothing more to say. ~~SjP

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