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yo, brother! let me holla at you...  

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Yo, Brother! Let me holla at you for a minute. I been hearing bout that thing you having in a couple of months. Sounds like its going to be a real show stopper. I hear everybody’s coming. You know, we had one just like it a few years back…hope ya’ll don’t have no fools coming threw like we did – planting’ bombs and s*it! But we had it covered and I know you got it covered, too.

Now, you know I want to be there when things kick off, but my kin-folk are kind of ticked off at you right now. They keep telling me that I shouldn’t come threw until after your thing kicks off to teach you a lesson. I know that’s a “cop out”. I keep telling my peeps that we go way back, that you always been there for me, and I can talk to you.

So, Man – don’t to make a lie outta me. You gotta be cool with that s*it you doing. You can’t be going’ around killing and beating’ up and man-handling and going’ all up in folks houses and messing with they stuff like you trying to find something just cause they pissed you off. Man! That ain’t right.

Then you got that other thing going on. Why can’t you tell your partner that he need to cool it, too? Hell, he wouldn’t be able to do s*it if it wasn’t for you. You keep him and his folks going. But he all over there mucking up his folks, too. And they say that what he’s packing come from you! Now come on Man! You keep doing this crap ain’t no way my folks gonna let me help you kick things off! And you know I want to be all up in the mix from the very jump!

By the way, really appreciate them duckets you let me hold a while back! I had no idea how I was gonna be able to pay you back. So thanks for cutting me some slack. That really helped with what I owe you.

P.S. Pookie-nem’s dog died...but, his kids are doing much better.

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner('s Place) ain't got nothing more to say. ~ ~SjP

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