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sex, drugs, gifts, and $4 a gallon gas  

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CNN is reporting that employees of the US Department of Interior have been receiving "improper gifts from energy industry representatives. And in some cases, these folks have doing a little coke, smoking a little dope and having sex. But, have no fear it didn't cost you and me one thin dime...unless of course the "good time had by all" was happening on the J-O-B or the $5.3 million it took to investigate all of the partying that's been going on since 2002!
The investigation was prompted in 2006 by an internal whistle-blower who reported concerns about the department responsible for selling the oil and gas the government collects as rent from companies drilling on federal lands. Seems that Shell and Chevron ain't talking right now saying they need time to review the allegations.

So here's the case in brief resulting from the $5.3 million investigation:

~ recreational marijuana and cocaine use" by "a handful" of Interior Department staff

~ two federal employees "engaged in brief sexual relationships with representatives doing business" with the department

~ two employees "received combined gifts and gratuities on at least 135 occasions from four major oil and gas companies

~ some of the government employees tried to hide their close association with the industry they were supposed to be regulating

~ e-mails from MMS (Minerals Management Services) employees "preparing to attend industry events used such language as 'this trip is to be kept quiet,' or were asked to RSVP 'in private' by their supervisor"

~ alleged inappropriate behavior by 19 members (about 1/3 of the department) of the Royalty in Kind program -- about one-third of the department

All I got to say is that its bad enough having to pay $4 a gallon for gas just to get to work and $3 for a damn loaf of bread - but, now I got to pay a $5.3 million investigation bill because these folks wanted to get a blow - or get blowed - on my dime! Well, as Obama said: ENOUGH!!!! And if you put lipstick on a pig - ITS STILL A M-FING PIG!

Speak the Truth!

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old SjP ain't got nothing more to say.

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Wh7y don't you talk about the federal bailout of the entire mortgage industry and how many DEMOCRATS are eyeball deep in that mess. And guess has to pay to clean it up? YOU DO!! YOUR TAXES!!, You don't have a choice! You can walk to work and ride a bus, take public transportation, buy local goods and services so as not to help out "BUSHYCHIMPHALLIBURTONCHENIE" complex, but you HAVE NO CHOICE in paying off the missteps of the CONRADDODDJIMJOHNSONCOUNRTYSIDEBARNEYFRANK criminal activities as they all get giant bonuses (Johnson) or get sweetheart zero - low intrest loan deals, and when the haouse of cards they built collapses, they shove it on YOU THE TAX PAYERS to pay for the mess. This is going to cost you and your children and your children's children, BILLIONS of dollars. NO!! All you can scream about is the oil industry. GOD they made 11 BILLION dollars, on 134 Billion in gross sales, less that 10% profit. WHAT A CRIME!!! And they paid over 40 BILIION IN TAXES!!

You liberals are beyond stupid.

September 11, 2008 at 9:47 AM

CNN stated that the taxpayers werent affected? HUH? We're paying more for gas than we need too. Prices of everything is rising while big oil gets record profits. I think we spend the millions to investigate, and charge the oil companies for the bill.
Get a small car, go solar, do what ever you can to take the money and power away from big oil.

September 11, 2008 at 10:20 AM

ANONYMOUS, Liberals are beyond stupid because we don't just bend over and grab our ankles and take it????

But, you Neo-Cons happily bend over and take it in the name of "Patriotism", and even shout "Drill, Baby Drill!"

Talk about beyond stupid...

You'd rather have the dialog of this election be about LIPSTICK than the serious issues that are hurting ALL AMERICANS, not just the gun-totin' ones wearing flag pins.

Great blog Sojourner! Gotcha bookmarked.


September 11, 2008 at 10:23 AM

@ Anon #1, raise some very interesting points here. But you fail to answer one very important question. Why is it that when there is a major collapse in the mortgage/S&L industry conservatives are in control? Rememeber Neal Bush? Keating? I had to pay for that, too!

And with respect to your statement: "they made 11 BILLION dollars, on 134 Billion in gross sales, less that 10% profit. WHAT A CRIME!!! And they paid over 40 BILIION IN TAXES!!" WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER 83 BILLION? Inquiring minds what to know?

@ Anon #2, Amen to that!

@ Stimpy, much obliged for stopping by and joining in the dialog here! Sometimes, you just have to wonder what plane to fantasy island some of these folks have taken cause truly reality escapes them!

September 11, 2008 at 1:05 PM
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