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networks to potus: you costin' us money  

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The broadcast networks are getting a little testy with the POTUS taking up all of their prime-time spots for press and news conferences. According to one of the executive broadcasters, speaking on the condition of anonymity to the Washington Post, their network executives have expressed concern to the White House about the frequency of prime-time news conferences and the financial sacrifice being made to carry the event.

Yes! That's right! The networks are getting tired of the POTUS always being on the television cause its making them lose money. After all, you can't have a "word from our sponsors" when the President is speaking to the Nation. Perhaps they should take a cue from the Fox Broadcasting Network - not the Fox News Channel, because they have said "to hell with that" and told the White House nope we ain't gonna show Obama's 100 day press conference; we gonna show "Lie to Me" instead. HMMMM! Now, isn't that interesting? But, anyway, the unnamed Washington Post exec said the networks are hoping that the President will "be more flexible in working with networks to find the best times to schedule the events".

Is it me? Am I just too sensitive? But, somebody has got to tell me why the President of the United States needs to schedule press and news conferences to accommodate network TV? I mean it ain't like he's trying to have a press conference during the NBA Finals of the Super Bowl. This is of course the President of the United States. And since January 21 all we have heard coming out of the mouths of all of the talking heads is "first 100 days".

Well today is the 100th day of the Obama administration. I for one am looking forward to him defining and defending this period rather than the pundits. After tonight they won't be offering up their critiques of the Obama Administration's first 100 days. They'll be pontificating, analyzing, and jaw-jerking about tonight's press conference.

Once again, proof positive is offered that That One is smarter than most of us - and definitely smarter than the pundits. I'm just wondering when they will realize that.

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2 sojourners hollin' back

IMHO, for some of the networks airing the POTUS will be an improvement over their current scheduled programs.

April 29, 2009 at 3:28 AM

Love your headline! :-) He's no longer the hot new kid on the block. My how time flies.

April 29, 2009 at 11:06 PM
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