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Okay, so I'm sojourning through the sphere the other night, checking out some news and blog headlines before I retire for the evening. This headline Rights of Women, Children Ignored catches my eye that includes a teaser asking the question: How many women out there feel threatened by having a black woman in the restroom?

Okay! You got me! I got to read this. As I click you know my blood is starting to boil - because who in their right mind would ask such a question in the first place and then ask it in the context of the rights of women and children? Well, after reading and re-reading and re-reading this letter to the editor of the The Daily News of Newburyport of Newburyport, MA, I soon came to realize that the writer was NOT in his right mind at all.

The gist of this letter was in protest a law being passed or discussed in the MA legislature to allow transgender individuals to use public restrooms of the gender to which they are blending. The writer is adamant that allowing transgender men to use public women's restrooms will result in women and children being harmed.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that there are some men who will take advantage of this situation and it will result in harm to women and children.
I'm guessing that the writer is trying to make the point here that the passage of this law will open the floodgates for men to dress up as women and hang out in public restrooms so they can more easily prey on women and children. Now, if that's the case, then I'm wondering how many men have dressed up as women, gone into a public women's restroom for the sole purpose of doing harm on women and children. I'm not saying that it hasn't happened or even that it won't happen, but allowing a transgendered man or woman to use the restroom for which they are blending is not going to stop a deranged man or woman from harming another individual.
But that's not the only reason the writer points to against the law. Here's his second irrational point:

Since women and children, the former who get more urinary tract infections than
men and who also have to deal with periods, may understandably (to all but some
of our foolish legislators) feel the need to shun restrooms where they may encounter men, and since such shunning will result in more medical problems for women and children, thereby resulting in higher medical costs (do you hear me yet, legislators? — I am now speaking your language), then perhaps a better idea would be to have three types of restrooms available: Men's, Women's, and Undecided's. Put a "?" symbol on the third door.
EXCUSE ME!!!??? Look, I've been a woman all my life; and I have two daughters and never - ever - in my entire life have I ever "shunned" a restroom because a man may have used it. Hell, if that were the case, I'd never use the restroom in my own home. While it is certain that women and girls do have more urinary tract infections than men - most women I KNOW - don't like to use public restrooms PERIOD. Because, let's face it - some women are just plain NASTY! That's the reason we were taught to "squat" when using a public restroom. You see, contrary to popular belief - we can do it standing up, too!

So, how does the "teaser" fit into this whole discussion, you ask? Well, the writer basically tries to make the case that as a Black woman I can no longer be denied the right to use a public restroom because "being Black is not a sinful" but "some alternative lifestyle choices are". Now, I'm not EVEN going to go there in this post because there are a couple of other points I want to make. But, just WTH does this man mean by saying "being Black is not sinful" so we got to let you pee with us?

It is quite obvious to me that the man who wrote this letter to the editor is suffering from some extreme homophobic issues. While I do no claim to be aware of all of the issues and concerns members of the gay, lesbian, or transgender community face in their everyday lives. But, I do have sense enough to know that being gay, lesbian, or transgender equate to an individual who preys on women or children. Being gay, lesbian, or transgender DOES NOT a pedophile make. Can't a person just pee in peace!

Ted Bundy, Melissa Huckaby, Michael Magidson and Jose Merel, Allen Andrade, Chester Stiles, Debra Lafave, Melissa Michelle Deel to name just a few - ALL "harmed" women and children. Raped, molested, and even murdered women and children. Not one of them was, or is blending , as a transgendered man or woman. But, each one of them pretended to be something other than what actually were. Each one pretended to be HUMAN. I just wonder where they should have been allowed to pee.

Obliged to you for hearing me,
and now old SjP ain't got nothin' more to say...
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I know you are serious but for real-is this a major concern on the minds of the female population?

There are times when I wonder what happens when a person looses sight of common sense? Do they realize that theirs is the process of going irrational? Or do they take these moments to heart as being the most clever thought that they can produce?

I am more concerned about using a public restroom because of the lack of personal hygiene habits on the part of other women. I hate to use a public restroom. But it is a legal alternative to squatting by the curbside.

No one knows who is a predator until they prey. I cannot recall a time when I have read about a male impersonating a female to do harm to a woman or child. Why would this even come up? This is just gender bias in my opinion.

April 23, 2009 at 3:55 AM

You got me with the blog post title! I had no idea about this issue, however, I appreciate you sharing it with us...

peace, Villager

April 23, 2009 at 6:09 AM

Good morning SjP,

When I read something like what this person actually sat down, contemplated, wrote and sought publication for, I remind myself that a person like that was somehow transported from the 15th century to our present day.

It's the one plausible explanation I can come up with: "Only a person who thinks the world is flat could possibly believe something as outlandish as this."

If there are men out there perpetrating as a woman in order to lurk in a public restroom for women, I would think law enforcement would have identified this kind of epidemic.

Perhaps this oaf thinks that these imaginary men in drag are chomping at the bit (like horses at a race track) for the legislation to be passed, so they can tear down.

I've given more time to this comment than was necessary, when all I needed to say was, "humorous, backwards and ridiculous!"


April 23, 2009 at 8:05 AM

The 'bathroom predator' crap is the only line the Reichers can throw to 'scurr' people into opposing transgender civil rights coverage that is sorely needed.

Thanks SJP for making peeps aware of the outright falsehoods being told and the asinine lengths that so called 'religious' peeps use to oppose transgender civil rights, and it's nice to know that some of my peeps have my back on it

April 23, 2009 at 11:05 AM

ok, i agree with all of the comments with this topic.

lolo--what i wanna know is, how in the name of Jesus is anyone going to be able to 'tell' if the woman is trans or not? like it matters anyway.
are they gonna sneak-a-peak?

Oh Lord, what fools these mortals be!

we have 2 girls also--and i really do hate to use public restrooms also--but guurrll when you gotta Go--you don't care--well i don't!
line the seat take a pee and go!

@ MsLD--i hear ya! common sense ain't common you know! lolo

April 23, 2009 at 11:32 AM
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