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I feel like Alex Haley when he "found" Kunte Kinte!

I recently ran across this blog named The Black Factor! It's written by a sister with experience and knowledge about being black and a women in the workplace. I encourage you to visit her blog! She has a wealth of information there that is much more than useful. . . darn near a professional life saver!

Here's a description of her blog:

The Black Factor blog is a useful resource for anyone who is Working While Black. The blog provides strategies for dealing with on-the-job racism and links to important resources. Just because you haven’t been called the “n” word doesn’t mean you don’t have issues! Post your thoughts or send an email to:! SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG - SUBMIT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR UPDATES! The Black Factor is updated Monday-Friday.

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Yes Sojourner! The Black Factor is a great Blog as is Sojourner's Place! Thanks for the great information!

February 2, 2008 at 1:49 PM
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