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super tuesday! february 5, 2008!  

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Remember people fought and died for a right that we often take so lightly. Those who came before us would have jumped at the chance to cast their vote for a candidate - any candidate! And even with that chance - would never have dream or phantom that their choice would or could be more of the same "rich" "white" "men"!

Tomorrow, no matter the outcome - we make history! Every pollster, every campaigner, every pundit, and every media outlet will be watching to see just how we - African-American Women - vote! This is both a challenge and an honor - neither of which should be taken lightly.

Vote your heart. . .vote your conviction. . .vote for the candidate of your choice. . .JUST VOTE! And in doing so, remember those who made it possible.

Holla Back! - but VOTE, first!

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