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obama plagarizes his speeches!  

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Oh my! How can we possibly trust a man who would be President whose words are not original? How can we trust a man who would be President who weaves a tangled web of deceit only to convince us that he's doing the right thing? How can we be lead by a man who would be President who knowingly commits an egregious act and attempts to explain it away? Surely such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the American people. Will it? Probably not when it comes to Obama - because now the rules are about to change.

I recently saw a news cast regarding President Bush's most recent - and last (thank goodness) - State of the Union Address. According to the broadcast, the speech took several weeks to write and perfect. But, you know, I don't recall President Bush - or any former President for that matter - attribute the words spoken during the address to his team of speech writers. In fact - they received NO CREDIT AT ALL. The President's words were not original to him even though they were what he believed.

One of the primary themes or issues surrounding the Presidential Campaign on all fronts is Iraq. Whether to stay in, get out entirely, or get out on a schedule. But one thing that is not an issue or theme (except for Obama) is that we NEVER SHOULD have gone to war in the first place. The American people and Congress were sold a bill of goods that Bush knew was untrue so that he could forge a legacy of being a war-time President.

At let us not forget "I did not have sex with that woman..." resulting in a new presidential definition of "sex". Surely, I need not go any further - but remember Iran-Contra - Watergate - Halliburton - the Bay of Pigs? No need to go on.

So now all the pundits are ALL up in arms because Obama "stole" phrases from speech given by a friend. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Just call it what it is. . .there are Americans who would rather "get bit in the a*s by a snaggle-toothed mule" than to elect a man who would be President who is Black!

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