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A few posts ago, I told you about The Black Factor, a blog by s. mary wills. Her's is a powerful blog - so powerful that I've placed a headline link on Sojourner's Place, so you can get to her blog quickly.

In her two-part series entitled Stripped of Assignment, she offers valuable advise and steps to take to do to protect yourself. But I encourage you to read the full articles: list. Have You Been Stripped of Your Assignments? and Stripped of Assignments-Part 2

Here are the 14 steps in brief:

  • Document your sudden lack of work.

  • Document your previous workload

  • Document the work load of other staff!

  • Take extensive notes at departmental meetings!

  • Request assignments at these weekly meetings to create a group of witnesses to substantiate your claims that you were actively seeking work!

  • Find your own work and document your efforts to do so!

  • See if you can get your hands on departmental work assignment sheets or budgets/charts for your department's projects.

  • Keep a copy of all your current timesheets.

  • If you are asked to use your personal leave or sick leave because your company doesn’t have anything for you to do... Send an email to your supervisor saying that you are being instructed to use your personal/sick leave due to a lack of work and not because you are taking leave or are ill.

  • Contact HR. Get documentation of this issue outside of your department.

  • Get a copy of any personnel policies regarding find work and/or a lack of work.

  • Start a job search, if you feel that you will definitely be let go and this is If you are going to be laid-off, etc. get the reason for the lay-off in writing.

  • Contact a lawyer, EEOC, etc. regarding your situation.

    Thanks much S. Mary!
  • And y'all
    Holla Back!

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