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shame, shame, shame on you, hillary clinton!  

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For the last 2 days, every newscast across the country has shown clips of Hillary expressing extreme outrage over campaign literature being distributed by the Obama campaign. As the matriarch she purports to be, Hillary scolded Barack as if he were a 10 year old being taken to the woodshed!

Might I remind the Good Senator from New York who would be Queen, matriarchs are to lead by example. So I wonder, if Senator Clinton will - at the beginning of the Ohio debate this Tuesday and before she lights into Obama with all her "new-found" ammunition -

1. Apologize
to the great people of New Orleans, the State of the Black Union attendees, and the millions of African-Americans who watch the State of the Black Union for neglecting to tell us exactly what she's done politically or personally to provide assistance to the Katrina and Rita victims? Was it 5 mill? SHAME ON YOU!

2. Apologize to the American people for "Xeroxing" HER speeches after surely realizing that she has used words and phrases very similar to those used by John Edwards and former President Clinton - oops, I mean Bill? SHAME ON YOU, HILLARY CLINTON!

3. Explain why she speaks with a different tone and almost favorably about her Democratic opponent when her audience is 99.9% African-American - but she close to vicious in the presence of mainstream media? Did she think that we wouldn't notice? SHAME ON YOU, HILLARY CLINTON!

4. Explain how or why she found it necessary to draw analogies between George W. and Barack Obama? Didn't she condemn Obama recently for not speaking negatively of the Reagan administration? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME ON YOU, HILLARY CLINTON!

Shame on you Hillary Clinton! You speak with fork-tongue! You may be free, white, and 21 but that gives you no right - no right at all - to continue with these backroom politics!! Nobody believes you anymore! But more importantly - nobody trusts you anymore!

Even if she is able to steal the nomination - I will STILL vote for Barack Obama as a write-in candidate. Because Hillary's tactics are despicable! See for yourself! Read Hillary Clinton Mocks Barack Obama During Campaign Rally and make sure you watch the video provided by the Huntington Post via CNN today!!

Holla Back!!!

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Sen. Clinton's focus on Sen. Obama's speeches are a sign that she's feeling the heat of not winning any primaries.

I'm expecting her to get even more nasty as the weeks and months come.

She's got to win these upcoming primaries. It's crucial to her campaign.

February 25, 2008 at 10:36 AM

I noted her flip-flop on graciousness on my blog today. One of the comments talked about her hormones acting up (smile).

I am interested to see how she will perform tomorrow night in the Ohio debate...

peace, Villager

February 25, 2008 at 5:26 PM

Awesome post! very nice blog you have here.
Hillary will do what ever she has to do to save face right now. so you just may see that apology...
Peace & Love!

February 26, 2008 at 10:38 PM

Such a gentleman! I'm so very glad that Barack did not stoop to her level. Although, I wish he had not been force to denounce the Minister's support - He did very well overall; and made her look like the second runner-up! I am sure that by next Tuesday - Barack will be considered the Democratic nominee for President! No doubt on his way to bring a little color into the White House in 2009!

Holla Back!

February 27, 2008 at 1:16 AM
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