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the sickness of racism lives on in south african!  

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I'm at a lost for words on this! The video speaks for itself. The article about this despicable act and these despicable people appears below! But let me WARN you! This video is sick and not for ANYONE whose stomach upsets easily!

Forced to eat meat mixed with garlic and urine, cleaners at a South African university are going through their "initiation" process. Participating in beer-downing competitions, races and mock rugby games, if the black workers are sufficiently entertaining, they go away at the end of the day with a bottle of whisky.

This is what happened at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein in central South Africa last September, when five elderly black cleaners were filmed completing the humiliating tasks. On Tuesday (26. Feb) the video of the events surfaced on the internet, causing outrage across the country. Now, the four victimisers are facing criminal charges, and mass protests are taking the country by storm.

Source: The Observers

You can also watch an English sub-titled repeat of this video if you really want to get mad!

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