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The Hidden "ism" , written by Christine Craft for the San Francisco Chronicle purports that gender bias is even more prevalent, more accepted, more insidious and more likely to die a drawn-out death. Craft uses the race for the Democratic Presidential nominee as a backdrop of her hypothesis to drive her point home. She states that History will record whether American women seize their moment or not. But no one should pretend that gender bias isn't alive and well. Hillary's campaign has shown it, and I salute her resilience, knowing as she must that many who would reject any scintilla of overt racism would and do easily accommodate the other hidden "ism."

It is my premise and based on my own life experiences, that race trumps gender every time. Case in point. Hilary said during the Ohio debate, for which she garnered much applause I think having a woman president would be a huge change for America and the world. I suspect, as Jesse did, that had Barack said I think having an African-American president would be a huge change for America and the world that he would have been accused of race-bating at the very least and that his Ohio and Texas numbers would no longer be relevant. Race trumps Gender - every time!

So, here are some questions:

Will AMERICANS seize their moment to vote for a candidate regardless of race or gender?

Will AMERICANS elect a President based on the issues and who will serve the Country and our interests best and not based on race or gender?

Will AMERICANS truly vote for a huge change for America and the world or maintain the status quo?

Only time will tell!

Holla Back!

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