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meet shirley q. liquor! axe yo mommanem how she durrin!  

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Shirley Q. Liquor, "the Queen of Ignunce," is a character created by drag queen Chuck Knipp. The character he claims is based on his experiences with and interpretation of black women. Knipp portrays Shirley Q. Liquor, an illiterate, welfare-collecting mother of 19 children in blackface. Knipp speaks in a dialect of stereotypical broken English when he is performing as Shirley. Her conversations include getting her cat "sprayed", shopping "K-Mark" and 'Wal-Mark", and attending Mount Holy Olive Second Baptist Zion Church of God in Christ of Resurrected Latter-Days AME CME. Liquor's best friend is the seven-foot-tall, 400 pound Watusi Jenkins, who struggles with mental illness and needs to get "her head shocked" on a regular basis.

According to a recent Electronic Village post: However, recently, this particular roach attacked activist blogger, Jasmyne Cannick (BBR #53) by calling her the B-word, H-word and N-word. Even worse, this big white roach published Cannick's personal phone number on the Internet subjecting her to death threats from other roaches. The Knipp-roach even had nerve to superimpose Sis. Cannick's face onto the body of porn star Norma Stitz, and then post it on his website.

Sojourner's Place joins with the Electronic Village and other Black blogs throughout the Afrosphere in expressing disgust of Knipp's act and his continued ability to perform. I urge you to contact Knipp's booking agent at:

Diva Central (7510 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite 1445; Los Angeles CA 90046). You can reach out directly to Diva Central by phone (323.864-1933) or email (

Please join us in this important protest over the degradation of our race and our gender!

HOLLA BACK!! But contact Diva Central first!

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2 sojourners hollin' back

Good lookin' out! If we shine the light on this roach he will go scurrying back to his momma...

peace, Villager

March 2, 2008 at 11:04 AM

Thank you for bringing up this comedian. It was not until last year that I had heard about him and was outraged. Though I have never heard or seen him live, his very existence knowing he is in black face like Al Jolson singing mammy is not a good vibe with me.

Al Jolson singing Mammy (1927)

Did you read this article?
Shirley Q. Liquor, After Imus: A Black Face Comic Who Sings "12 Days of Kwanzaa"

March 4, 2008 at 8:22 PM
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