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ya'll, i'm about to loose it over here!  

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A couple of days ago, I was surfing the net and ran across a website called American Thinker. There, I read an article entitled Obama and Wright project their bias on all African Americans. O.K., so I should have stopped at the title - but NO! I had to go and read the whole d*mn thing!

The article, as one would suspect, slams Obama. Slams Wright. Slams their association with each other and with Farrakhan. So basically nothing new. But, just as I got to the first sentence of the last paragraph, I truly lost it. Here's what the author wrote:

I refuse to believe that the majority of African Americans cling to hate and rage just as I refuse to believe Wright's outrageous claims about the mental and physical differences between the races. (I had to listen to the speech twice to confirm that Wright stated that African Americans are less genetically predisposed to logical analytical thinking than are white people.)

I was so enraged that I looked all over the site to find where I could post a comment. No such luck. But after about 20 minutes I found the "contact" link and immediately penned my outraged opinion. Here's what I wrote:

This statement is evidence that the author along with much of white America STILL doesn't get it! I find it very ironic and disheartening that the interpretation Shapiro received was that Blacks are less genetically predisposed to logical analytical thinking than whites rather than whites are less genetically predisposed to creative thinking. She provides yet another example of exactly what Wright was talking about on Sunday - the predisposed reasoning that White is Right and anything or anyone who is not white is both deficient and inferior.

O.K. I said my I'm done with it. NOOOOO! She, of course, would not let it go. She had to respond - because as she advised me - she is an opinionated woman. (And your point is what?) So, as a result, I have been in an email exchange with Peggy Shapiro, the author of this article ALL D*MN DAY! AND SHE STILL DOESN'T GET IT! Seriously, the emails began at noon today and I've sent my last response just minutes before writing this post.

Ms Shapiro doesn't get or refuses to get that her phrase "less genetically predisposed...than whites" is in an of itself racist. She fails to see or refuses to see that her terminology of "less genetically predisposed" implies diminished intellectual capacity based on genetics. But, yet when arguing against the research Wright spoke about during the NAACP event, she elects not to point out - using her own phraseology and spin on Wright's "different" analogy - that whites, therefore, would be considered "less genetically predisposed" to creative thinking and learning than African Americans. But yet she was very quick to point out that she has been an educator for 31 years (so she should know genetically predisposed is split infinitives, and therefore incorrect grammatically). Put me in my place did she! Naught! I was just as quick to inform her that I, too, have been an educator for 34 years with a whole bunch of letters behind my name, too.

You would not believe how much Ms. Shapiro has told me about herself today (come to think about it, you probably would believe it)...but, I'm not going to put her business out here in cyberspace. I'll let her do that. But, seriously, the only argument she provided against my fury is that the research Wright spoke about wasn't valid. Ahhhh! Do I care if the results were valid or not? H*LL TO THE NAW!!! What I care about and what I've told this educated woman for the last 9 hours is that what Wright and the research claim as DIFFERENT she has termed LESS GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED!!! How simple is that!

Ya'll, I need some help over here because if I'm off-base, you need to tell me! Otherwise...I about to loose it!

Warning!!!! If you enter American Thinker, you do so at your own risk. Remember! You've been warned!

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner('s Place) ain't got nothing more to say. ~~SjP

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8 sojourners hollin' back

I try to respectfully refrain from having cyber arguments with people who are intentionally close minded and who try to prove their point by enraging their opponent. I'm here to advise you to do the same. ;o)

"Never let'em see you sweat."

May 4, 2008 at 8:41 AM

Shae-Shae - much obliged! This is certainly a lesson learned for me and very good advise! SjP

May 4, 2008 at 11:14 AM

It's always good to know what folks like her are thinking - thank her and move on.

White folks are doing exactly what the Massuh taught - you need to reread this.

The Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of a Slave!.pdf

May 5, 2008 at 9:20 AM

VickiLynne - Very, Very much obliged! But, I probably should have waited until I got home from "my side of the plantation" to re-read the WL letter :>). SjP

May 5, 2008 at 12:41 PM

Hi there.... {waves}

My first visit here so I wanted to give my salute to the blog host!

This issue with Dr. Wright is still boiling. I posted on this and included the links to his interview on PBS as well as the links to the two sermons (in their entirety) that the white media has taken out of context.

I am not going to spend hours in a day arguing with people...all I will do is present the sermons that generated the controversy and ask people to listen to both COMPLETELY and then come back and discuss.

If they are not willing to do so then the discussion has no benefit at all.

You are invited to jump into the discussion at my blog, "THE SELF-INFLICTED WOUND OF BIGOTRY" that is still continuing since Thursday.

The discussion today is just getting started, "LOST ABSOLUTION: WHITE MEN AND THEIR HORRID HISTORY WITH BLACK WOMEN".

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!

May 5, 2008 at 1:34 PM

Lisa - very much obliged and please feel free to blow your trumpet here any time. Your voice will always be welcomed. And very much obliged for the invitation - look for SjP soon! SjP

May 5, 2008 at 2:25 PM

One thing I've learned is that white people who don't get it just don't get it and I've yet to figure out how to open their eyes if in fact there is even a way to do that. I would have been as ticked off as you are.

May 6, 2008 at 9:24 PM

Tigress - much obliged for dropping by and your comment. Yes, I was ticked off - and got really ticked off when I checked my email after writing this post and yes, there was yet another email. Nope, she still didn't get it...said I thought she was a racist...and ended by saying that she hope our grandchildren (of which I have none) would be able to better communicate with one another.

You know, I use to think that white folks "just don't get it" - but, I'm beginning to be in the frame of mind that they DO get it! But to acknowledge it in their minds threatens their very way of life. It is much easier and much less threatening to "play ignorant" while espousing "altruism". By doing so, they feel themselves vindicated - but more importantly - SAFE! SjP

May 6, 2008 at 9:59 PM
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