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a chicken for every pot and a car for every garage  

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You might remember from your history or civics classes, that the 1928 Presidential Republican Nominee, Herbert Hoover's campaign slogan was "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage". Well, it seems that Republican Nominee Lt. Dan has taken this to heart and is the very embodiment of the prosperity Hoover proclaimed that everyone would enjoy if elected.

You see, in addition to the Lt. Dan's chickens for their pots they also have 13 cars for the 7 garages attached to (or detached from) his 7 homes.

Here's the Lt. Dan Fleet list:

  1. 2004 Cadillac
  2. 2005 Volkswagen convertible

  3. 2001 Honda sedan
  4. Toyota Prius (for his daughter)

  5. Ford pick-up

  6. 1960 classic Jeep
  7. 2001 GMC SUV

  8. 2000 Lincoln

  9. 2008 Jeep Wrangler

  10. golf-cart-like GEM

  11. golf-cart-like GEM

  12. golf-cart-like GEM (not a typo, he owns 3)

  13. Lexus (Cindy's with a MS BUD vanity plate)

Oh yeah, the Obama's got a car in their garage, too! It's a Ford Escape Hybrid (2009s start at 29K). Now, ya'll stop hating on Lt. Dan. You got to remember that he spent 5 years as a POW where he didn't have a chicken, a pot, a car, or a garage...


**Hoover won the 1928 election and in 1929 the Great Depression began on Black Tuesday (Wall Street Crash) . In 1932, he was defeated by Democrat FDR who served an unprecedented 4 terms as POTUS. Now isn't that interesting...

Speak the Truth!

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old SjP ain't got nothing more to say.

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