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We've all known for weeks now that Lt. Dan's campaign is in shambles. He's all over the place - you never know what he's going to say or do next...hell! He never knows what he's going to say or do next. So, now with just days before E-Day, he's throwing more shyt than the law allow trying to get something to stick. You'd think he'd give up and bow out gracefully.

But, nooooooo! Not Lt. Dan. I guess he wants some more battle scares for which he can boast. Why else would he be going around insisting that the LA Times to release a tape of Obama having dinner with Khalidi and Ayers? Something tells me that the "real" Americans Lt. Dan's been courting over the past couple weeks might not be too pleased that he gave Khalidi almost $500 dollars to do research.

In 1993, McCain became chairman of the International Republican Institute. He still chairs that respected organization.

That same year, Khalidi helped found the Center for Palestine Research and Studies, self-described as “an independent academic research and policy analysis institution” created to meet “the need for active Palestinian scholarship on issues related to Palestine.” (Its archived Web site is HERE.)

Khalidi was on the board of trustees through 1999.

According to tax returns, the McCain-chaired IRI funded the organization Khalidi founded and served on to the tune of $448,873 in 1998 (click HERE to see the tax return)* as first reported by Seth Couter Walls at HuffPo. Source.

I can't wait to hear how Lt. Dan tries to explain this one. It certainly ought to be very interesting. Wonder what's worst to the Joe the Plumbers...having a friend who's a Palestinian or giving a Palestinian hard earned American money? I'm sorry....but I just gotta laugh!

Obliged to you for hearing me,
and now old SjP ain't got nothin' more to say...

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The Obama campaign and their supporters can't tell the truth, much less the whole truth.

The International Republican Institute isn't a "McCain organization". Under Reagan, Congress authorized the National Endowment for Democracy , which essentially dispurses funds, more accurately our tax dollars, through four sub groups, one Republican, one Dem, one Labor, and one private enterprise. And yes, as a Republican legislator McCain has been involved with the IRI, and whether McCain made it or not, I might support the decision to "fund" Khalid's group. They were hired to do polling in the West Bank. The fact that the Obama campaign doesn't understand that, when polling in a nest of terrorists, you either deal with terrorist supporters or don't do the polling. Same goes for distributing aid. Lots of bad guys cash our checks. That's the real world, if you want Goldilocks ( you need Obamaland. In his double super secret plan to take out bin Ladin, who does the Senator think he'll be dealing with, Nancy Pelosi?

Toasting the spokesman for a terrorist and wishing him well, perhaps validating his opinion that Israel shouldn't exist, is quite another thing.

October 29, 2008 at 8:50 PM

@ Roni, much obliged for stopping by. Please don't be a stranger. The doors are always open here at SjP's.

It appears the President Reagan authorized at least two Endowments that in which our presidential candidates have been involved. The WALTER AND LEONORE ANNENBERG PRESIDENTIAL LEARNING CENTER and the INTERNATIONAL REPUBLICAN INSTITUTE.

Your commentary here is that you mimimize Senator McCain's chairmanship of the IRI to involvement. This is much more than involvement - he was the spokesperson for the organization while in the chair's position.

Personnally, however, I don't really care about the money the IRI gave to Khalidi. I can only assume that this money was given in good faith that it would be used for the purposes described in the request. But, certainly since Khalidi is a "bad guy" now he was a "bad guy" in 1993 when McCain felt it appropriate to give $500K for the purposes of Polling in the West Bank.

The fact that the IRI would give monies to someone who was suppose to be "palling around with" the PLO - real enemies to the U.S. - is certainly telling.

"When polling in the nest of terrorist, you either deal with terrorist supporters or don't do the polling." The story you are now painting would require one to believe that the US knowingly funds individuals, organizations, and even countries to do research and provide us with a full and uncensored report of their findings. Now who's not in the real world?

But, this is certainly in keeping with John McCain's history as he has selected William Timmons to head his presidential transition team - a man who "palled around" with Saddam Hussein. Wonder what Timmons' opinion of Israel is?

October 29, 2008 at 9:59 PM

Go 'head on Girl! Yessuh! Amen!

October 30, 2008 at 12:11 AM

I am sick of Lt. Dan and even sicker of Sarah Palin. I hope after Nov 4th...I never have to listen to either of them again

October 30, 2008 at 11:35 PM
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