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am i not human: preventing genocide  

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As Genocide Prevention Month 2009 draws to a close, we must not forget the atrocities that occur each day throughout the world. Whether Darfur or Cambodia, the taking of human life in an effort to purify a nation, country, or even a neighborhood can no longer be tolerated. As Vice President Biden said while speaking at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum National Tribute Dinner, the United States must see genocide prevention "not just as a moral imperative" but also as a "national security priority." Biden went on to say that President Obama believes that "preventing genocide is not only a representation of who we are as a people but also a very high national priority."

But, how is genocide prevented? On December 9, 2008, the Genocide Prevention Task Force , co-chaired by Madeleine Albright and William Cohen, released a blueprint for US policymakers on genocide prevention.

The blueprint, which concludes that “a core challenge for American leaders is to persuade others-in the U.S. government, across the United States, and around the world, that preventing genocide is more than just a humanitarian aspiration, but a national and global imperative.” In that blueprint, the Task Force called for the development of a new government-wide policy on genocide prevention, which would include the following specific actions designed to better equip the U.S. government to prevent genocide and mass atrocities:

  • Having the president himself demonstrate that preventing genocide is a national priority, for example by an early executive order, and continuing public statements on genocide prevention.

  • Creating an interagency Atrocities Prevention Committee at the National Security Council to analyze threats of genocide and mass atrocities and consider appropriate preventive action.

  • Making warning of genocide or mass atrocities an “automatic trigger” of policy review.

  • Developing military guidance on genocide prevention and response and incorporating it into doctrine and training.

  • Preparing interagency genocide prevention and response plans for high-risk situations.

  • Investing $250 million in new funds for crisis prevention and response, with a portion of this available for urgent activities to prevent or halt emerging genocidal crises.

  • Launching a major diplomatic initiative to create an international network for information-sharing and coordinated action to prevent genocide and mass atrocities.

  • Providing assistance to build capacity of international partners-including the UN and regional organizations-to prevent genocide and mass atrocities.
  • Let us all pray that the President will consider the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities is an action oriented priority of the United States and the United Nations.
    Sojourner's Place joins with other bloggers on the 27th day of each month in denunciation of human rights violations across the world, and particularly Darfur. As part of the Am I Not Human? campaign, information and tools are provided throughout the blogosphere to bring to the forefront the atrocities that continue to occur in our world. This Campaign continues until such time that measurable, sustained, and progression changes occur. Please go to Roots of Humanity, this Campaign's Virtual Headquarters for more information or you may email organizers at: Virtual Campaign headquarters can be found at:
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    1 sojourners hollin' back

    Thank you for sharing this information and these action-oriented suggestions. I missed the April campaign. I hope to be back in the mix on 5/27/09...

    peace, Villager

    May 7, 2009 at 2:07 PM
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