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For obvious reasons, I'm still feeling the joy of the recent unveiling of the Sojourner Truth bust in the U.S. Capitol earlier this week. So, ya'll please indulge me for a bit as I continue celebrating with yet another post on this historic event.

First, I must admit that I was not familiar with the artist who sculpted the Sojourner Truth bust, Artis Lane. I took a look at her website and was struck by the depth of her sculptures and the emotion that seemed to fill them. But to learn that this 82 year old African-American woman was responsible for capturing what I surely believe is and was the essence of Sojourner Truth brought tears to my eyes.

Second, I was moved to be able to actually view the First Lady's remarks during the unveiling made it all so real. Real, not from a stand point of the unveiling itself - but from a stand point that this is a very different time and world in which we live. Who would have thought even a year ago that an 82 year old African American woman would be the first African American to be commission to create a sculpture to be place in the U.S. Capital? Who would have thought that the sculpture commissioned would be the likeness of an African American woman who fought against slavery and for women's rights? And who would have thought a year ago that that sculpture would represent the first African-American woman with a likeness in the U.S. Capital? And who would have thought a year ago that the such an event would be commemorated by an African-American First Lady?

Certainly not me. Yes, this is a very different and changing world we live in today. And no matter what happens in the future, things will never be the same as they were a year ago.

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4 sojourners hollin' back

I saw the story and of course thought of your spot.
I feel as though I should be congratulating you for her honor.

April 30, 2009 at 2:53 AM

@ UB John,

Much obliged! If only I could be like her therein, would be the true honor.

April 30, 2009 at 3:08 AM

Heard this story through email and then saw on news. Really made my day, and yes, I did think of you. :-)

May 1, 2009 at 1:14 AM

It is about time that we are being acknowledged for our contributions to the American experience!

Let's hope that as time goes by we will see other AA's take their rightful place in the story.

I know you are thrilled twin! It is quite an honor to see Sojourner recognized for the firey sistah/woman she was.

May 1, 2009 at 5:03 AM
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