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abigail adams: what would she say today  

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I've been watching the HBO series, John Adams, a founding father and 2nd President of the United States. Although, I must admit that I haven't watched all of the episodes to the end, I have been very intrigued with the protrayals of these men who are so revered by many Americans. This mini-series, in my opinion, does not "sugar-coat" the intents of these men. They are protrayed as just men who found themselves - not always by choice - being responsible for the very foundation of this Nation.

I have found myself very intrigued by the woman we know as
Abigail Adams, John's wife. Until now, I was not aware of the impact she had as John's conscious in the development of this Country. For example, there is one scene in the 6th episode where John and Abigail are entering the White House for the first time. As she is walking thru the mud and mire toward the White House steps created due to construction, she is visibly struck and disgusted at the site of the hundreds of slaves building the structure. As she enters, she looks around and sees more slaves. At that point, no longer able to hold back her feelings, she speaks directly to her opposition of slavery and says "what good can come from this House?"

I was so struck by this, that I had to ask my history-buff daughter about Abigail. She spoke about her and her influence on John for about 30 minutes. Now, of course, I was extremely proud my 19 year old college freshman speaking so eloquently and knowledgeable about this woman. Who would have thought? But I digress. The point here is that my daughter told me that Abigail consistently "nagged" John to make sure that ending slavery and guaranteeing human rights to African Americans and women remain in the forefront of the minds of the Founding Fathers.

According to my historian, and as we know, her "nagging" did not cause the "founders" to make provisions for African Americans and women in the Constitution because these issues were "too controversial" and would take the focus off the establishment of a stable country and government. But, her "nagging" may well have played a part in them freeing their slaves upon their deaths. Of course in Jefferson's case in particular - he was freeing his relatives:>).

I can't help but wonder, what Abigail Adams would say in this present day political and national climate. I wonder what she would say about having the first African American and first woman going for the presidency. It would be interesting to know.

Oh historian says that
Ben Franklin was a "playa-playa". And based upon how he's portrayed - I think she's right!

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner('s Place) ain't got nothing more to say. ~~SjP

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