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the view...and the n-word...and whoopie...oh my!  

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Got the heads-up on this "N-Word" exchange from Hicktown Press. The first is a video of a Whoopie Goldberg sketch and the second is a "heated" debate between Whoopie and her View-girls over the use of the N-Word.

Did you laugh? Just asking...

Who's right...who's wrong? Just asking...

Speak the Truth!
Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old SjP ain't got nothing more to say.

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4 sojourners hollin' back

Well, Whoppi tried to break it down to old girl, she just couldn't handle it.

Hasselbeck is one of those people who has a belief system, and any and everything else contrary to that belief is wrong.

And as long as she can out talk whomever is disagreeing with her, then her perspective wins...Well, the brick wall that she ran into with that jive goes by the name of Whoopi, and that tactic did not fly, LOL!

Broke her face!!! Boiiiiing!!

July 17, 2008 at 11:25 PM

I saw the first clip during her special. I ain't gonna lie. I laughed. In fact a friend called that was watching too, and she was laughing.

Now if you ask me why I laughed. The bat part had me rolling. I use the expression You Black Bat! frequently. So it was funny from that perspective. If she had left the NWord out, I would laughed anyway.

I saw the exchange happening on The View. I was cheering Whoopi on. Especially when Elisabeth started talking about we do not live in different worlds. Really?

I am not surprised that JJ used the NWord. Are you? I suspected that was the case when Billy Boy started hinting that there was more to the conversation.

There's an irony to JJ even tagged Barack that way. It wasn't long ago that he deemed Barack was not black enough. But apparently he is when JJ is upset.

I am not going to pretend that I have not used the NWord. If we are going to discuss usage~we need to be for real about it. I didn't start using the NWord until the seventies.

Back then it was used as a term to label other black folks that were not acting in a revolutionary manner. Some of my favorite poems by The Last Poets featured that word in their work.

But I never used the term in the presence of white folks, in the presence of my black elders~because my grandparents did not play that at all. My grandfather did not allow anyone to use that word in his presence.

In JJ's is just one of those moments when the irony of contradiction came into play. He goes on public record as being against the use of the NWord. But in a moment of self-expression...he uses the NWord. If the mike had not been on we would be none the wiser.

I have made a serious effort to eliminate the NWord from my conversations. Because we cannot holla about other groups of folks using it, and then we turn around and use it ourselves.

July 18, 2008 at 7:54 PM

Hey MLD,

Much obliged for your comments. Have to admit that I've never heard the Black Bat phrase, but I also have to admit that I did laugh. Thought it was funny and I guess it would/could have still been funny even w/out the N-Word.

I'm still conflicted about using the N-Word. Gotta admit that there are times when it just "so appropriate" if you understand what I mean. Like in the movie Pride when TH has been challenged by one of the kids to a heat. TH says "Negro please!" and to me that translated to N-word please. I understand it in this context and am not offended. I'm also taken aback by the "demand" that I couldn't/shouldn't use it because folks who don't look like me are offended by me using it. How you gone tell me what to say or not to say in my own house? And what about that admonishment we've all heard as kids and no doubt said to our own kids "Do as I say and not as I do! Why? Because I said so."? Why do I have to stop doing what I do simply because "they" don't like it?

But, by the same token, I find it very offensive when I hear Black women refer to themselves and their "girls" as "bitch"; and I cringe everytime I hear us referring to ourselves and others as ghetto. This is where my confliction comes into play. How can it be alright to call my peeps the N-word but not alright to call my 'girls' bitch or say "u so ghetto"? Kind of the same thing - wouldn't you say? Like the "saggin pants" thing. Surely, if you know the origin of the sagging pants you wouldn't like wearing your pants half past your a$$ as something cool.

Its also like using the phrase "rule of thumb". If more folks realized that this truly was a rule employed by the courts allowing men to "whip" their wives with belts as long as they were not thicker than their thumb - then folks would probably stop using the phrase.

Anyway, had this conversation with My Best Half about a week ago where we both agreed to make conscious efforts not to use the N-word. We're doing pretty well...but sometimes, it just fits so nicely :>(

July 19, 2008 at 2:49 AM

Hey there!

Whoopi has really made herself AT HOME on "The View" hasn't she?

No one has missed Star one bit...


July 20, 2008 at 2:45 AM
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