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I'm still up and its the early wee-hours of Sunday morning and I'm waiting for the young-SjP's who think they grown to bring they butts home so I can go to bed. What this means is that I'm probably gonna missed the big announcement - if there is a big announcement - from the General on Meet the Press this morning. Will Colin Powell endorse the Obama/Biden Democratic ticket or will he endorse the Lt. Dan/Ice Queen dumb as a box of rocks Republican ticket? Hmmm.... Let me look into my crystal ball - cause I bet you a dollar to a donut I'm gonna be sleep!

So, here's my prediction. Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama. Look, even though Powell is a "company man" his momma didn't raise no fool. The "company" burned him big time so he's gonna be very hard pressed to endorse Lt. Dan. On top of that, if Powell was gonna endorse McCain he would have done so a hell of a long time ago - in support of the GOP and all that crap. And you gotta know that the candidate he's endorsing has already been informed. And right in through here, ain't no way that the Lt. Dan camp coulda kept that a secret. I know, I know! He kept Palin a secret. Hell, Palin was a secret to him - he thought he was going with Joe Leibermann. And do you think that a General with more stars on his shoulder than in the sky gonna endorse somebody who got a stone fool as a running mate and a heart beat away from the red phone? C'mon now!

But, there is one more reason why I predict that Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama on Meet the Press this morning. A reason much more plausible and vital than any I just gave you. One that nobody is really considering - or probably just won't verbalize. But, I will. Colin Powell is married to a Black Woman! Think about it! Would you want to be in his shoes? I have said and will continue to say that Mrs. Powell is still ticked off that he served as SoS under President Dumbo. How much you wanna bet that she still telling him "I told you so...but, nooooo you just wouldn't listen!"

Of course, I could be completely wrong on this. He could come out and endorse his fellow military frat brother. He could do this and negate all that talk about Black folks are only voting for Barack because he's Black. He could do this and possibly turn the tide of election. Yeah, he could endorse Lt. Dan - but if he does, I just hope the Lincoln bedroom in the White House is available.


Obliged to you for hearing me,
and now old SjP ain't got nothin' more to say...

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7 sojourners hollin' back

In all honesty, I could care less about Colin Powell and who he endorses.

1- it's to late the stones have been cast and he wont be changing any one's mind.

2- The oppurtunity to serve his country out side of the military has presented it's self time and time again either as a politician or as a crusader and he passed on all of them trying to be nice.

3- He is Bush's boy one way or the other, doesnt matter that he resigned, he knew what they were doing was wrong and he kept his mouth shut.

Best thing he could do is what he has been doing staying on the sidelines, protecting his legacy, playing the good soldier.

October 19, 2008 at 9:28 AM

(Why do you call McCain Lt. Dan?)

October 19, 2008 at 11:32 AM

@ Mike, you say Colin's not one of your favorite people? LOL! But, I have great regard for Colin Powell. Would have voted for him had he run against the current Prez. Yes, I agree that his speech before the United Nations sealed the deal for the War - but, I believe that he was a patsy in this whole deal and really didn't know that he'd been duked. When he realized that he too had been lied to by Bush/Cheney he resigned which was the only thing he really could do at the time. To have come out immediately about the lie really would have been a real threat to our national security. Unfortunately, there was too much at stake had he done so at the time.

But for many, it is true, that Colin's endorsement means nothing and is considered too little too late. But, for others it will determine who they vote for. I really believe that some undecideds will move to the Obama column because of it. And there will be others who may very well move from the McCain column because of it because of what he said relative to national security and Sarah Palin's inexperience in that arena.

Damn! I'll be happy when this election is over! It is for me cause I voted yesterday!

October 19, 2008 at 11:59 AM

@ Laura, LOL! I started calling him Lt. Dan back in July when he began talking about the need to "win the war". Here's the post

October 19, 2008 at 12:02 PM


Your better person than I am, cause aint no way am I believing that Powell was "duped" into the war.

Fed up with it afterwards but not duped.

And his silence through out this year let alone since he has retired is damning.

But I too will be glad when this election is over.

October 19, 2008 at 1:19 PM

HA! @ Lt. Dan, such a good analogy - funny.

Powell had been talking for a while about his respect and admiration for Obama, so this isn't a total surprise, but I think that it has come at the right time and will add yet another shakeup to McCain's campaign.

I was really glad to hear him say what most of the GOP tries to mute, SARAH PALIN IS THE PITS! Well, not in those exact words...

October 19, 2008 at 1:32 PM

@ Mike, maybe I just want to believe that he was duped. I just find it very hard to believe that he would knowingly lie to the world to allow a foolish Chaney puppit to go to war. I'm a couple of "degrees of separation" from Powell; and folks who know him well have indicated that it would have been very uncharacteristic for him to knowingly lie. But, it would not be out of character for him to resign and stay quiet. For me, his resignation was all that was needed to bring focus to the Chaney/Bush lie. But he is a real a real soldier - tried and true. And this loyalty to the Country coming from very high ranking retired Black Air Force folks is very much a characteristic.

But, I don't know Mike...all this is becoming far too much for an old woman to even understand or comprehend...

@ Sheila, I've never seen Powell so passionate. And boy, did he or did he not put it right out there? From McCain's erratic behavior and strategy to Palin being a heartbeat from the presidency. As my Daddy would say, who was Airforce and a member of the same frat as Powell "Doom, doom Big Brother! Doom Doom!

October 19, 2008 at 3:29 PM
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