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a black woman walking is not an invitation for disrespect, or worse  

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In the post, BLACK WOMAN WALKING, black men please watch this, George Cook shares a compelling documentary video which provides an answer to "why some black women always look mean walking done the street or just don't respond?" George suggest that the video may make many men want to check their behavior when approaching a woman. Believe it or not at many times women feel threatened although I'm sure that's not the man's intention.

In watching the video, however, I was painfully reminded of the ShowTime series entitled Very Young Girls. This documentary graphically shows how underage girls who are forced, bullied and coerced into prostitution; ofttimes beginning with a "cat-call" from a pimp. VYGs also follows the efforts of former prostitute Rachel Lloyd to rescue young women from the streets with her outreach organization GEMS.

There are obviously males out there who are just plain disrespectful to sistahs and have not learned how to treat a lady. These males either have no home training or forget it as soon as they go out into the streets. They just simply need learn or re-learn how what respect is a like Vera taught to Quick in Harlem Nights.

But, for the scum that go out and prey on young teen aged girls by wooing them and then putting them out on the street - there is no empathy or sympathy. Even a jail cell is too good for these predators. They are loathsome, self-haters, and the scum of the earth for which there is no punishment can be adequately described here without being too graphic. But perhaps, Jesse Sr. might ...

Obliged to you for hearing me,
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6 sojourners hollin' back

I dont know, I got mixed feelings about this, this issue is a serious issue that needs to be addressed but I am not feeling the way it was put together and I wonder if it was meant for black men to watch at all.

Which makes me think that it doesnt solve anything.

Why didnt she have footage of the men doing this and challenging them about their behavior on the spot?

Why isnt the causes of this behavior addressed?

Why do all black men have to be label and lumped into the same catagory as these fools who do this crime against women?

( which was clearly the vibe of the video.)

I recall a teenage black girl doing an award winning video on the same subject last year that was superior to this footage.

This came off as a vent and was not solution orientated.

January 13, 2009 at 1:12 AM

@ Mike, you have a point and its well taken. I must admit that even in my youth with I thought I was the shyt, I personally never experienced the cat-calls - so it was/is difficult for me to relate somewhat. But, what really got me about the video - was how it made me think about that ShowTime series which the same behavior is used to lead teens into prostitution.

Do you remember the name of the other video. I'd like to see it and even post here. Let me know.

January 13, 2009 at 1:21 AM
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January 13, 2009 at 4:01 AM

Hello there,

It has been well-documented that the majority of girls and women who are lured into prostitution are from fatherless homes.

I think we really need to look at what happens when girls do not have proper paternal nuture and how the absence of paternal nuture creates an emotional neediness within them that manipulative and exploitative men will capitalize on.

As for the street harassers...

I think that a perpetual scowl is not the way to walk through life.

I see women looking mean and hostile and it's completely unhealthy to walk through life looking like you are ready to EXPLODE.

At my blog a few months ago, I mentioned this issue about sexual predators in black neighborhoods ...the very predators who NO ONE (including black women) call the police about.

These men have been granted immunity by our silence!

I mentioned in a blog discussion that these same men who are following closely behind women using vulgarity and profanity (which menancing behavior!) get ignored by black women. They are NOT reported to the police by black women!

Some sistas will tell a man off right on the spot.

Sorry THAT is insuffient. You don't verbally reprimand a criminal and keep it moving! You call police FIRST and get police involved.

I am not even blaming the victim by saying this...but this behavior is common in black neighborhoods because it is DEEMED a norm.

No one reports it to police and therefore police do not have to be accountable for booking predators and menaces.

We can not change the fact that there are savage and barbaric men in the communities that we live in - but we can engage law enforcement REPEATEDLY until those persons understand that their behavior has a consequence and the consequence IS NOT some sista rolling her eyes.

I know quite a few black men who do not call the police when they observe this behavior in other men and they do not verbally confront or reprimand this I am not saying that ONLY the sistas are giving immunity to these fools.

January 13, 2009 at 4:08 AM

I believe the video is called "Hey...Shorty"
Directed by Ashley Lewis, Sala Cyril.

If I am not mistaken.

January 13, 2009 at 5:00 AM

"You must live in a white neighborhood" is the response I most often get by just being polite. It seems that this behavior IS considered thr norm in many communities.
I had a young cousin shout out "Hey B****, give me some (tanussy)!", to a girl, as we drove by a bus stop. I turned around and put him out of the car in front of the young lady and told him to say it up close.
Of course he cheesed.
His uncles and grandfather thought that he was right.
After I cussed them out and asked their wives their opinions - they stopped encouraging such behavior.
It's mostly a (lack of) class issue.

January 14, 2009 at 12:13 AM
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